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Looking for a med spa in Fort Lauderdale that goes above and beyond, delivering extraordinary treatments, customized attention, and truly remarkable outcomes? Your search ends here, at Lumière by Adriana. We are the pinnacle of excellence, specializing in a comprehensive array of transformation services. From body contouring to facials, laser hair removal to micro-needling, photo rejuvenation to TriBella treatments, we offer a harmonious fusion of advanced techniques, unmatched expertise, and state-of-the-art technology, all dedicated to helping you radiate with confidence and feel your absolute best.

- Adriana Arie

Body Conturing


Laser Hair Removal


Photo Rejuvenation


Lumière Review

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5/5 99
Sherba B.

I was totally impressed by my overall experience. I rarely take time out to pamper myself and this experience reinforced to me the importance of self care. The entire staff was welcoming, knowledgeable and courteous. The ambience was relaxing and I left feeling completely rejuvenated. I would definitely be making future appointments.


Michelle M.

Came for a facial and Adriana did an amazing job. The place is very nice and elegant. Adriana gave me a lot of information about facials and other services. I would highly recommend this salon to anyone looking for upscale services


Mem D.

Wonderful experience, always enjoy coming in for my tratment. The staff is very pleasant and the atmosphere very relaxing.


Monica C.

Grateful for being able to be attended to by Adriana. Very knowledgeable, gentle and makes you feel so comfortable. Looking forward to seeing my results. I Definitely recommend them if you want to be taken care of.


Connie L.

My first time ever visiting a place for skin care and I’ll NEVER go anywhere else. Danielle is the best, you have to ask for her if you get the chance to visit Lumiere MedSpa.


Unleash Your True Beauty Potential with Body Contouring

Sculpt Your Ideal Figure with Precision and Confidence

At Lumière by Adriana, we understand that achieving your desired body shape can be a challenging journey. That’s why we offer advanced body contouring treatments that target stubborn fat and cellulite, helping you achieve a more sculpted and toned appearance. Our team of experienced professionals will tailor a customized treatment plan to address your specific needs and goals, utilizing the latest technologies and techniques. Whether you want to trim your waistline, tighten your thighs, or enhance your curves, our body treatments can help you unlock your true beauty potential.

Book a Treatment

experience the highest level of facials and body treatments at our clinic


6 Month Term (Monthly Fee)

1 Treatment per month

Available Services:

All Category 1 Facials

Jessner Chemical Peel



Free Add-Ons: Dermaplane X 3

Includes Products

Deep cleanser for all skin type

$129 / MONTH


10% Service Package Discount

12 Month Term (Monthly Fee)

1 Treatment per month

Available Services:

All Facials

Jessner Chemical Peel

Microneeding RF (upto 2)

Body Conturing (upto 1)

Laser Hair Removal (upto 2 sessions)

Free Add-Ons:Dermaplane X 3

Includes Products

Deep cleanser for all skin type

$199 / MONTH


Your 15% Service Package Discount

12 Month term (Monthly Fee)

2 Treatments per month

Available Services:

All Facials

Jessner Chemical Peel

Microneeding RF (upto 3)

Body Conturing (upto 2)

Laser for Pigmentation (upto 1)

Laser Hair Removal (upto 3)

Free Add-Ons:Dermaplane X 4

Includes Products

Deep cleanse for all skin type SPF

Active Moisturizer

$299 / MONTH

Reveal Radiant and Youthful Skin with Our Medical Spa Services

Pamper Yourself with Luxurious Facials and Skin Care

In addition to body contouring, Lumière by Adriana offers a comprehensive range of medical spa services designed to revitalize your skin and restore its natural glow. Our rejuvenating facials, powered by high-quality products and expert techniques, can target concerns such as aging, acne scars, skin scars, hyperpigmentation, and more. Experience the indulgence of our facials, tailored to your skin’s unique needs, and let us help you achieve a radiant, youthful complexion.

Smooth, Hair-Free Skin with Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of the hassle and discomfort of traditional hair removal methods? Our advanced laser hair removal treatments provide a safe, efficient, and long-lasting solution. Say goodbye to shaving, waxing, and plucking, and say hello to silky smooth skin. Our skilled technicians will customize each session to your hair type and skin tone, ensuring optimal results and minimal discomfort. Get ready to experience the freedom of hair-free skin.

Enhance Skin Health and Texture with Microneedling and Photo Rejuvenation

At Lumière by Adriana, we offer innovative treatments like micro-needling and photo rejuvenation to enhance your skin’s health and texture. Microneedling stimulates collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars, while photo rejuvenation uses targeted light energy to improve skin tone, reduce sun damage, and diminish pigmentation irregularities. Trust our expert team to rejuvenate and refresh your skin, revealing a smoother, more youthful complexion.

TriBella: The Ultimate All-in-One Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Uncover the Power of TriBella for Total Facial Transformation

Lumière by Adriana is proud to introduce TriBella, an advanced facial rejuvenation treatment that combines three powerful modalities into one comprehensive session. TriBella harnesses the synergy of photo facial, anti-aging, and skin resurfacing technologies to address multiple concerns simultaneously. Reveal a more even skin tone, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, and achieve a youthful, radiant complexion—all with the remarkable TriBella treatment.

Reveal Radiant and Youthful Skin with Our Medical Spa Services

Achieve the body of your dreams and firmer skin at Lumière by Adriana. As industry leaders in body sculpting and skin tightening, our expert team excels in the art of sculpting and rejuvenating your physique. With cutting-edge techniques and advanced technologies, we personalize treatments to address your unique goals. From targeting stubborn fat to tightening loose skin, our meticulous approach ensures exceptional results. Experience the power of our expertise and unlock your ultimate body transformation at Lumière by Adriana.

Trust in Lumière by Adriana for Your Medical Spa Needs

Experience Unparalleled Care and Expertise

At Lumière by Adriana, we prioritize your comfort, satisfaction, and safety above all else. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is committed to providing personalized care and delivering exceptional results. We stay up to date with the latest advancements in the med spa services industry to ensure that you receive the most effective and innovative treatments available. When you choose Lumière by Adriana, you’re choosing a med spa that values your well-being and strives to exceed your expectations.

Take the Next Step Towards Transforming Your Body and Enhancing Your Beauty

Ready to embark on a journey towards a more confident, rejuvenated you? Contact Lumière by Adriana today to schedule a consultation and explore our range of med spa treatments. Discover the transformative power of body contouring, facials, laser hair removal, micro-needling, photo rejuvenation, and TriBella. Let us help you unlock your true beauty potential and achieve the results you desire. Experience the difference of Lumière by Adriana, Fort Lauderdale’s premier med spa services.

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